Hi, I'm Cody. I make websites and webapps.

Take a look through my projects

League of Legends Logo

League Series Statistics Tracker

This is an app meant to collect game result data for League of Legends. Users can organize game data under different tournament names. Then, they can view and share the aggregation of the data to show participating player statistics.

Flow Homepage Logo

Flow Homepage

This is an new home page for your browser that offers comprehensive and visual tab management among other convenience features.

Frustration Logo

Frustration: A Memory Card Game

This is a browser game achieved using only basic JavaScript DOM manipulation. It's essentially Memory or Concentration, but the ways to flip the cards are varied and random. This also detects if it's being played with a touchscreen and ensures the game is still playable.

Magic: the Gathering Project Logo

Magic: the Gathering Land Calculator

This is a mobile and web app meant to help a deck-builder form a mathmatically correct land base for their deck. It does a lot of the heavy-lifting and makes deck-building a lot more accessible to people who are not professional players of the game.

Blackjack Cards

Console Blackjack

This is a quick and fun project meant to show off coding techniques while building a fun and slightly addictive console-based blackjack game.