About Me

Professional picture of Cody Brand

I'm a full-stack software engineer with a passion for web (and by extension, mobile) development. As a forgetful person who finds ways to criticize every small inconvience in my daily life, I especially like to create applications that provide those much-needed conveniences! 🙂

Aside from that, my interests lie mostly within travel, hiking, and online gaming

Travel & Hiking

Shibuya Dog Statue Top of Yosemite Falls Seville Cathedral

I recently travelled to Tokyo and Seville. It's really become a passion to visit new places; I've met lifelong friends in every place I've been and learned things I'll never forget. The only difficulty with travel is balancing wanting to return and wanting to go someplace new!

I also recently hiked the most gorgeous place I've ever been, Yosemite. I don't always get to hike such high-profile natural landmarks, but I try to get out to see local sights as often as possible. It's really a necessity for me to get away and disconnect every once in a while.


Final Fantasy 14 World of Warcraft League of Legends

Online gaming is a huge passion of mine that consumes a lot of my time. I play a few online games and take them seriously.

For example, I organized with a long-term group in Final Fantasy 14. We schedule, strategize, work, and adapt together to ensure that we are among the first groups to complete new and extremely difficult content. It's a highly stressful, competitive, and time-consuming environment. It all worth it, though: the teamwork and singular group focus to achieve a goal inspires me and the actual achievement thrills me.

I've played Warcraft for most of my life. It's where I met some my best friends (one of which I live with now), where I learned to communicate with and organize large groups of people, and where I learned the value of a community.

League of Legends has been with me for years and years as well, but I don't regret any of my time on it. It's been a masterclass in self-reflection and improvement. With a highly competitive environment involving teams and an evaluation system, it can be really hard to evaluate and analyze your own gameplay in a meaningful way. Your own and other peoples' emotions and pride get in the way. But when I'm able to see past that, and take feedback from myself and others, I'm able to improve at this ridiculously difficult game!